Guide to visiting Phuket

We all know how tough it is for the past 2 years, not going anywhere abroad or even domestically. COVID-19 has literally shuts everything down and tourism is the biggest victim of this tragedy. Good news is that many countries around the world are starting the vaccination process, moving forward to a COVID-free society. Especially recently TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) has announce the next step and plan to reopen some of the major attractions of Thailand consisting of Phuket, Surat Thani, Samui followed by other destinations, including Krabi, Phang Nga, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Buriram in moths to come. So we are here to get up to speed and plan your trip to Phuket after the location has been open publicly.

It is a well-known fact that Phuket is the biggest and potentially the most popular island in Thailand. It is not an island per se, but the whole Phuket area is the heaven for sea lovers, comprising everything you need for a good sea-trip. Clear Turquoise water, smooth sandy beaches, warm and sunny weather all year-round. There’s always everything for everyone during this trip. 

Phuket travel restrictions

Source: Thesmartlocal

Prior to the reopening, the restrictions of the location were changing almost everyday because of the unpredictable nature of the pandemic. Until recently TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) has announced the reopening plan for Surat and Phuket within this 1st of July 2021. and many more to come. The regulations in this link can be rather long but reading it thoroughly is a must for your own safety.

So to sum everything up, you need to travel from countries that has relatively low risk of COVID-19, be fully vaccinated (2 doses) for at least 14 days before the travel date together with certificate to verify the vaccination, must have medical certificate to show that you are COVID-free no more than 72 hours before the time of departure and you must have a COVID-19 health insurance policy with minimum coverage of $100,000. It looks like a lot of work for sure, but you’d rather be safe than be sorry.

Upon arrival you need to strictly undergo immigration and customs procedures consisting of COVID-19 screenings and RT-PCR tests also known as the nose swab method which is the most accurate one. After that you need to go straight to your hotel and wait for the result before you can go anywhere. Arrivals to Phuket must be pre-booked at the SHA Plus-certified establishment (certification signifies that 70 percent or more of the staff members working within the establishment got vaccinated.) Which means your trip this time around might be limited to only hotels and resorts with this particular certificate. 

If you wish to travel to another destination in Thailand, you need to stay in Phuket for at least 14 nights before you are allowed to travel domestically, but worry not because you have so much to do within these 14 days. If you can do all of the above, then get ready to pack your things because you are officially allowed to travel to Phuket!

How to get to Phuket?

Phuket is located at Surat, around the southern part of Thailand. You can either plan your trip and visit Bangkok for a few days before going to Phuket or you can just  go there directly, the choice is yours. It is merely an hour flight from Bangkok to Phuket, or take a van, bus or even train. Each method takes different duration but surely gives you a different taste for the trip. Train can be a pretty great choice if you are not time sensitive. Taking a train while glancing at the scenery around the southern part of Thailand can be pretty breathtaking.