Thailand has always been world’s most renowned place for oceanic attractions. With variety of sea, island and beaches to choose from, you’ll never get tired of experiencing these beautiful gems. So in this article, we are going to take you through the itinerary and activities you’ll get to experience in our Phuket, Phi Phi and Phang Nga tour.


From Panwa pier, take an hour cruise with a private yacht and explore the Coral island. Relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze during your way to the coral island. Used to be filled with tourist in the past during the pre-covid period, right now the beach is fully recovered and become less crowded, perfect time for you to visit this beach paradise. 

Coral island is a very popular destination in Phuket with amazing beach and crystal clear ocean. Even during low season, you can spend a half-day or a full day on the beach, snorkeling, or even scuba diving. Really worth while because of the unique sky blue color of the ocean here. 

For those who loves adventurous activities, there’s also tons of water sports for you to play ranging from parasailing, kayaking, banana boating, and so on.


Despite every nukes and crannies of Phuket has been visited, discovered, explored. Yet, this small Banana beach is still stays hidden from the crowd and very little known place among other places in Phuket.

It is a perfect place to spend an afternoon swimming, snorkeling or even get a beach chair and an umbrella to sit down, take a moment to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this quiet little gem. While it might feel quite like a low season, but a little change of pace and a quiet beach like this in Phuket is not really easy to come by, so sit down and enjoy the relaxation this place has to offer.


Maiton island is an underrated paradise known by very little people, comes with a long and interesting history. Located off the east coast of Phuket, this lovely island comes with a beautiful golden sands and palm trees, as well as clear waters teeming with vibrant coral reefs under the water. 

This small little island comes with a spacious and quiet beach, pairing with a green hill as a background. Considered to be somewhat of a private island, Maiton island comes with small hotels and a few bungalows. You can choose to grab a bite at the restaurants, or even a massage at the hotel for the ultimate relaxing experience. 

This island is a very popular stop for cruises, especially for those leaving from Chalong Pier. You can stop by and swim or snorkeling in the sea. If you dive a little off the shore, you have a change to encounter sea turtles, cuttlefish and many exotic tropical sea life.


Koh Khai is essentially a group of very famous tiny islands. located just 15 minutes speedboat ride away from Phuket’s east coast. There are three islands, Koh Khai Nai, Koh Khai Nui and lastly Koh Khai Nok, where we will be visiting. 

The island become popular for its superb white and soft sandy beaches together with incredibly clear water where a swarm of colorful fishes come to swim around you. However, do keep in mind that no matter how cute they are, feeding them is forbidden and you could be arrested for it.

compared to Maiton island and Banana beach, this place is much more crowded with people since it is very close to Phuket and consider to be the first visit for many people. 


While Phuket is not as historical like Ayutthaya or even Chiang Mai, it is exciting enough for you to spend half a day exploring around this beautiful town. It’s easy and fun to explore this place around and there are plenty of little cafes. and restaurants for you to try along the way. 

Experience the Sino-Portuguese style of architecture of shops on each side of the streets. try some of these shops out and shopping until you are satisfied. The place is actually very photogenic and would really worth taking a few snaps for your instagram glow. 


Indulge in the pinnacle of eco-luxury travel on Koh Phi Phi’s most famous long-tail boat, in fact, the best in the world. Every detail of the boat has been prestigiously tailored with utmost precision, thus transporting you through time, illuminating cultures and traditions, and letting you relish the journey across Krabi’s expansive ocean with unparalleled beauty; an Andaman haven.



Visiting Koh Phi Phi in 2022, the beaches and nearby islands are more prestigious than ever due to the lock-down, perfect for leisure time here.  

Phi Phi islands, also known as Koh Phi Phi are a very popular series of islands located to the southern part of Phuket and was featured by a Hollywood movie “The beach” starred Leonardo DiCaprio in the year 2000.

It is no surprise that this place is considered to be the most popular aquatic destination within Phuket. Perfectly blue and clear water, white sandy beach and beautiful vibes all around with plethora of restaurants and bar opening for business, this place is basically heaven on earth for sea lovers.


Bamboo island (Also known as Koh Pai) is a small island found about 30 minutes away to the north of Phi Phi Don. While not on the main island, it is relatively easy to go there and worth the time. Enjoying the incredible white sand and turquoise blue water. Swimming around or just relaxing by the beach until you are satisfied. 

The atmosphere of Bamboo Island is completely distinct from Koh Phi Phi because of this solitude atmosphere. With clear water and beautiful coral reefs, suitable fir diving and see the beauty of the underwater world. 


Also known as Koh Phi Phi leh, this place is considered to be the second largest island in the national park. Well-known by a lot of people for its beautiful natural coral reefs and Maya Bay where the movie “The Beach” Starred Leonardo DiCaprio was shot here. 

The beach itself is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. The shallow waters in the bay and certain spots around the islands are covered with numerous corals, ideal for snorkeling or even diving. However due to its popularity, it is very crowded most of the year, but still manageable just not as quiet as other places. 

Simon Cabaret

Get ready for a night of glitzy entertainment unlike any other. The Simon Cabaret Show has gained international popularity due to its unique and exhilarating shows they have to offer. 

The show changes theme and story constantly so everything would feel fresh and exciting every-time you visit. A spectacular display of color, originality and amusement. Since the opening in 1991, this place has established itself as one of the leading shows in the South-east Asia. With more than thousands visitors from all over the world each and every evening. Comes with 600 seat capacity, fabulous stage design and top of the line sound-system for your maximum pleasure. 


Visit Memories beach Khao Lak a quiet and beautiful beach located just an hour away from Phang Nga well-known for its beautiful serene beach and surfing.

While surfing is not very popular in Thailand due to lower wave heights, there’s actually a spot for you to surf or even learn how to surf here. Memories beach Khao lak is well-known by surfers to be the best surfing spot in Thailand. There’s also a surfing school here for anyone who wants to learn surfing in a safe and controlled environment, supervised by friendly and engaging professional instructors.

If you are not into surfing, don’t worry because there’s also a lot of things to experience here in this beautiful serene beach. Kayaking is readily available around the beach as well as just relaxing on the beach and enjoying the majestic views is just as equally exhilarating.


Visit Nang Thong Beach, one of the most popular beach of Khao Lak particularly for families and couples due to its relaxed and laid back atmosphere. With lovely beach stretched as long as the eye can see together with a nice white clear sand for you to stroll around and enjoy the view. 

There’s also a little lighthouse located near the area of the beach, reachable when low tide. impeccable spot for couples especially during dusk, perfect for either a proposal or just hanging around and enjoying the sunset. 


Discover all the staple attractions in Phang Nga today. Ranging from the infamous James Bond island, Koh Tapu and Lod Cave on a private cruise. Enjoying the breezing wind of Phang Nga and soaking in all the amazing atmosphere along the way.


The island was rarely visited before 1974 when the James Bond film “The Man with the golden gun” staring Roger Moore was filmed here as the hideout for the main antagonist of the film. Hence the name James Bond island and the recognition that comes along with it.

Other than starring in the James Bond film, the island it self has a unique features and aesthetic to it and considered to be the landmark of Phang Nga province. Also not known by many people, this place is also starred in Star Wars III- Revenge of the Sith as a landscape for the planet Kashyyyk as well. So if you are a James Bond or even stars wars fan, you really should add this location to your bucket list.  

Cruise around taking pictures of the infamous James Bond island and strolling around the beach for a relaxing time.

The limestone tower that stands up out of the water is commonly known as “James Bond Island” but in fact called Koh Tapu and is viewed from the beach of Khao Ping Kan. The stunning natural beauty of this place is just surreal and everyone would surely have a great time here. 


Lod cave (Lod: means to go under) is mountain located within the Phang nga area with a little cave under the mountain about 40 meters high and 50 meters wide. During the low tide, A small boats can pass through the cave to see all the natural beauty and numerous stalactites located under the cave. 

Those stalactites on top of the cave was created through million years of erosions to be able to take its form for us tourist to appreciate its magnificent product of nature.


Go explore and snorkeling at Surin Island. Take a dive at Ao Bon, Ao Sapparot, and Nemo Paradise, enjoying the aquatic paradise and discover plethora of sea creatures and coral reefs. 

Surin Islands are a group of five islands in Phang Nga Province’s Mu Ko Surin National Park. The islands are 55 kilometers off the coast, 100 kilometers north of the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea. famous for its coral gardens and white beaches, are one of the most famous diving and marine life viewing sites in the world, and without a doubt the best in Thailand. 


The Moken are sea nomads who have traditionally roamed the Andaman Sea between Thailand and Burma. They began to settle permanently on Koh Surin in the 1990s.

Prior to the December 2004 Tsunami, two Moken villages were located in “Sai End” and “Ao Bon Lek,” with approximately 20 households in each village. The Moken, as sea people, noticed the change in the water and fled up the hill on December 26, 2004. Unlike in other areas affected by the Tsunami, no one was injured, but the houses were destroyed. In Ao Bon Yai, the two villages were reconstructed as one in 2005. 

Right now Moken village is considered to be a very prominent tourist attraction due to its serene location and interesting history of the people living in the village. In 2012, the Moken Tourism Team developed guidelines and activities. This allows the Moken to actively participate in tourism, while tourists can have the unique experience of sharing and learning about the Moken way of life. 


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