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The northern charm of Thailand
"Feel the cold breeze and fresh air, away from all the crowd in Chiang Mai. The northern gem of Thailand filled with eye-opening cultures, breath-taking sceneries and glamorous temples, Chiang Mai will always have everything for everyone.


Renowned as the most popular northern destination in Thailand, this place is the breezier part of the country where you can enjoy beautiful mountain sceneries, holistic temples, and rich traditional northern culture in a colder and more relaxing temperature. 

Enjoy 1676m high mountain of Doi Suthep, spectate the spectacular sea of fog while drinking cups of your favorite drinks and barbecue for the memory that you would never forget.

This province is considered to be one of the most popular place for temples and buddhism culture. Most of the temples is unique in its design and aesthetics. 

While most of the temples in other parts are made of gold, Chiang Mai uses varieties of materials ranging from silver and wood, gives them a very unique looks and would gives you a wider taste when it comes to sight-seeing. 


Doi Inthanon

The Peak of Thailand

Experience the breath-taking view of Chiang Mai from the vantage point of Doi Inthanon while soaking in the fresh air of the coldest part of Thailand.

Elephant Sanctuary

Magical Creature

Get in close and personal with elephants, feeding and cleaning them in the majestic river for an experience you'll never forget.

Chiang Mai Safari

Sight-seeing wild creatures

Take a day and sight-seeing around Chiang Mai safari. Experience a wild range of cute tropical wildlife.

Central Festival Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Themed Mall

Walking around and shopping in Central Festival Chiang Mai, a shopping center that perfectly capture Chiang Mai vibe.

Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara

Glamorous Golden Pagoda

Especially breath-taking at night, the golden pagoda is well lit during evening for a beautiful and holistic scenery.

Wat Phra Singh

The Golden Temple

Appreciate the aesthetic of golden pagoda and wide range of meticulously crafted decorations.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Nighttime shopping

Experience the local shopping scene, buying souvenirs for your families and friends here at Chiang Mai Night bazaar.

Mae Sa Waterfall

Quiet place for a swim

located deep in the forest, this waterfall is the perfect place for relaxing and swimming while enjoying fresh forest oxygen.

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