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Experience 10 days 9 nights of exclusive Phang Nga and Samui tour. Uncover the exotic culture of Thailand through various memorable activities and destinations with top of the line, luxury commodities. Sleeps in an ultra luxury hotels of your choice, traveling around effortlessly with our private luxury shuttle van, accompanied by our experienced professional private tour guide.


Tour of Aquatic Heaven

Phang Nga – Samui tour, sets you to the journey of your lifetime. Discover the breath-taking beach of Thailand, enjoying the cool breeze and crystal clear ocean, feel the clean and fine beach between your feet and relax to the fullest. 

Enjoy 10 days 9 nights of ultimate luxury beach experience with our tour, including all 5 stars hotel accommodations, with private tour guide and premium shuttle of your choice. 

Yacht riding and Snorkeling

Relaxing on a yacht, snorkeling around the clear blue sea, walking on a white sandy beach and witness the gorgeous view of Thailand’s finest oceanic gem

Visit Samui

Visit 3 of the most popular beach and island in Thailand including Phuket, Phi Phi and Samui. Witness the breath-taking oceanic sceneries of these majestic islands


From Ao Chalong take an hour cruise with a private luxury yacht and explore the Coral island. Relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze during your way to the coral island. 

Used to be filled with tourist in the past during the pre-covid period, right now the beach is fully recovered and become less crowded, perfect time for you to visit this beach paradise. Enjoy walking around or engage in a light ocean activities to your heart’s desire. 


Samui island is well-known for its serene beach, turquoise blue sea and relaxing atmosphere of the Island. Considered to be the 3rd largest island in Thailand, Samui is equipped with varieties of facilities ranging from premium and luxury resorts, restaurants and even their own international airport.  

You can enjoy your time here just exploring around this amazing island on your private Jeep, stop by the beaches and explore some of the freshest seafoods right at the source. 


Wide selections of premium and luxurious hotels packed with amazing facilities and comfortable rooms for you to relax and rest away all your exhaustion. All equipped with top of the line services and 5 stars view right next to the ocean. 


Experience a variety of traditional delicacies, hand-picked by our traveling specialists. 

Premium Free-flow breakfast is included everyday by the hotel.

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  • Hotels and Resort for 6 nights
  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Private Shuttle Van service
  • Private Tour Guide of your language
  • Travel Insurance
  • Attraction Tickets
  • Visa Documentations
  • Restaurant
  • Flight Ticket
  • Hotel Spa Service excluded from the tour price
  • Restaurants fee (Depends on your order)


The driver will pick you up at the Phuket airport in the morning and take you to Phang Nga, a journey of around two hours during which you can stop at the Cafe for a rest and some coffee or tea.

To make the most of your time in Phang Nga, check into your hotel, relax with a leisurely lunch in the hotel, and then go out and experience some of the area's exciting activities, like kayaking, strolling around the beach, or use the hotel's pool to freshen up for your long day ahead.

Enjoy early breakfast, Visit Memories beach Khao Lak a quiet and beautiful beach located just an hour away from Phang Nga well-known for its beautiful serene beach and surfing.

While surfing is not very popular in Thailand due to lower wave heights, there’s actually a spot for you to surf or even learn how to surf here.

Memories beach Khao lak is well-known by surfers to be the best surfing spot in Thailand. There’s also a surfing school here for anyone who wants to learn surfing in a safe and controlled environment, supervised by friendly and engaging professional instructors.

Half-Day Trip 

Discover all the staple attractions in Phang Nga today. Ranging from the infamous James Bond island, Koh Tapu and Lod Cave on a private longtail boat. Enjoying the breezing wind of Phang Nga and soaking in all the amazing atmosphere along the way.

Sailing around taking pictures of the infamous James Bond island and strolling around the beach for a relaxing time.

Explore Lod Cave located within the Phang nga area with a little cave under the mountain about 40 meters high and 50 meters wide. During the low tide, small boats can pass through the cave to see all the natural beauty and numerous stalactites located under the cave.

When you have rested at the hotel in the afternoon, the driver will pick you up to take you to a local restaurant for dinner.


Go explore and snorkeling at Surin Island. Take a dive at Ao Bon, Ao Sapparot, and Nemo Paradise, enjoying the aquatic paradise and discovering a plethora of sea creatures and coral reefs.

Surin islands famous for its coral gardens and white beaches, are one of the most famous diving and marine life viewing sites in the world, and without a doubt the best in Thailand.

Visit Moken village and learn more about the local way of life of the sea people.

You will rest during the day, then spend the afternoon relaxing before heading to Cultural Road in the evening to do some shopping and dining.

Your guide will meet you at the hotel and transport you to Phuket International Airport, where you will board 55 minutes flight to Samui.

Take some time to relax, take in some fresh air, and enjoy what the hotel has to offer.

Explore this beautiful island to your heart's desire on a private Jeep prepared for you for the whole duration of the tour. You can either drive yourself around with your guide, or have a driver prepared for you.


Visit various beautiful beaches around Samui island. Swimming in the blue sea, snorkeling and kayaking are also readily available around the island for you to try.

Witness the natural creation at Hin ta and Hin Yai (translated as Grandpa and Grandma Stones) series of stones that were shaped through years of waves crashing and weirdly resembles human's genital, hence the name.

visit Wat Sila Ngu located just by the beach, you can enjoy walking around and appreciating the holistic views of the beautiful temple while enjoying the sea breeze.

Spend your whole day cruising around on our private cruise ship prepared exclusively for you. Eating and drinking on your private yacht and enjoying the view of the beautiful ocean.

Well-known for its popular "Full-moon party", Phangnan island considered to be the gem located on the Thai gulf renowned for its natural beauty, beautiful scenery and numerous activities to explore.

Phangan island is not only breath-taking on the surface,. Once you go below the waves, you'll see a plethora of colorful marine life, coral and exotic marine creatures such as whale, sharks and stingrays.

Activities at a Samui elephant farm await you after a morning transfer. -Get involved and gain knowledge about the diet and customs of elephants. -Get the elephants fed with Power balls. -Take a stroll around the mud pit and conservation area to see elephants up close.

The owner of the Samui elephant farm felt a deep sense of injustice and saw the exploitation of the elephants getting worse as tourists demanded more from them. He dreamed of something different for the elephants So in 2019 his dream was realized as a journey of total transformation was about to take place and the Samui Elephant Kingdom was created. Time and money were spent over the next 3 years ensuring the very best living space for the elephants would mean that they were no longer chained, no longer in service, and could start to develop their instinctive behaviors without fear and newest development underway is a purpose-built elephant clinic that will be available for all elephants in the area. We will have a veterinarian with specialist skills to ensure the very best care.

Return to the hotel, Rest

Explore Night Market Fisherman in the evening. Numerous shops along the pedestrian strip in Fisherman's Village sell a wide variety of things, including T-shirts, simple jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, and beer. Make the most of your time spent shopping in Thai markets.

After your long trip, wake up late and transit to Samui international airport for your flight back to Bangkok and transit back to your home safely.

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Thailand Adventure-Phang Nga, Samui (Island paradise tour )
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