Thailand is a culinary heaven for all the foodies from around the world. With a wide range of both street foods and traditional Thai restaurants waiting for you to try. While it is undeniable that Classic Thai food and street food are the main spotlight of this country, Thailand is also a perfect place for top of the line international fine dining as well. So in this blog, we will show you 10 up and coming international fine dining restaurants in Bangkok that you must try when visiting Thailand. 

1. Mad beef

Other than Omakase that’s popular here, there is also a similar term called “Kaiseki” which is also a course meal of up to 8 dishes. The only difference is that Kaiseki meals are often pre-planned and meticulously curated by the chef beforehand.The meal serves as a multi-course meal featuring the most premium seasonal ingredients. In Japan, Kaiseki is considered the top fine dining cuisine, reserved for special occasions and considered to be a true test for the chef to show off artful skill from curating the meal to plating skill.

For beef lovers

Mad Beef positioned themselves as a Kaiseki restaurant, specializing in a variety of beef dishes. The interesting cache about Mad Beef is that they only use secondary cuts of beef that are often overlooked in similar kinds of restaurants, intricately cooked and served with love to show everyone that “secondary cuts of beef, if cooked right, can be a fantastic experience as well”. 

Image from – Mad Beef Kaiseki

While Mad Beef present themselves as traditional Kaiseki, they are not restricted to only Japanese cooking methods, but using multitude of cooking techniques from all around the world, pairing with particular cuts of meat to achieve the best result. 

Credit: BKKMenu

One of the noteworthy dishes is the entree which is a dual-nation beef tartare. The first one is a Japanese style beef tartare using grounded Wagyu beef topped with Sea urchins. The next one is a french style beef tartare using Angus beef with refreshing acidic sauce on top. Same menu with different style and execution actually paired surprisingly well, marks a perfect start for the course and pretty much sums up what to expect with Mad Beef.

If you want to try authentic beef Kaiseki experience, the Mad Beef course got you covered with 10 different dishes starting from entree to dessert. If you are a beef lover, or just foodies in general, mad beef is the place that you must try if you are visiting Thailand. 

  • Service option: Dine in, Take away
  • Address: Mad Beef 19 Charoen Krung 30, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
  • Price: 4,200++THB/ Person (10 dishes course)
  • Theme: Beef, Fine dining, Kaiseki, Japanese, Contemporary

2. Le Du

Image from – LeduBKK

Le Du as for “season”

Judging from the name, people might think that Le Du is a french restaurant. But actually, Le du derived from the word “ฤดู” meaning season, suggesting a huge emphasis on curating contemporary Thai dishes from seasonal produces. This 1 Michelin star restaurant thrives from creating Modern-Thai seasonal course menus, approaching traditional Thai dishes while incorporating modern gastronomy techniques from all around the world, creating one of a kind, contemporary fine-dining Thai food experience. 

Image from – LeduBKK

Chef Ton Tithid Tassanakajorn gained his reputation from Top chef Thailand competition, showing masterful craftsmanship in curating authentic Thai cuisines while incorporating cutting-edge european techniques. 

Ledu has 2 menus, 4 courses and 6 courses with wine pairing separated. The menu is different every season depending on what’s fresh at that moment since every ingredient is locally grown. Meticulously curating creative dishes with a variety of ingredients which sums up the whole Thai food experience in a compact 6 courses menu. 

Image from – R-Hann

If you are tired of traditional Thai food and want to experience a whole new approach to the modern Thai culinary experience, give Le do and try for an unforgettable fine-dining experience. 

  • Service option: Dine in
  • Address: Le Du 19 99/3 Silom soi7 Silom Bangrak Bangkok BTS : chong nonsi exit 4
  • Price: 2,990THB/ 4 courses, 3,590THB/ 6 courses 
  • Theme: Thai, Modern, Fine dining, Contemporary

3. R-hann 

One of the best Thai restaurant in Thailand

This 2 Michelin stars restaurant is one of the six only restaurants in Thailand that receive this prestigious award, and just one of the 2 within those 6 that received this reward as a Thai restaurant. R-Haan strives in creating one of a kind, authentic, Thai fine dining experience.

Image from – R-Hann

R-haan can be directly translated as ‘Food consumed to relieve hunger’ but the restaurant definitely gives you much more than that. R-haan dining experience revolves around a traditional Royal Thai Dining concept, with more than 18 menus in one sitting, each and every dish were meticulously made to capture the “Royal Thai Taste Samrub” and “Amazing Thai Taste Samrub”

Image from – R-Hann

Everything here at R-haan directly screams royalty. With spacious and traditional-style royal decorations, beautifully handcrafted ceramic wares, faithfully represent the tableware of the Royal Palace during the past era of King Rattannakosin. Not only are the decorations and the wares that are getting all the attention but the food here is also diligently made to perfection while being faithful to the traditional style of Royal Thai recipes. Making sure every guest can have the most authentic, royal, Thai fine dining experience.

Image from – R-Hann

For anyone who is interested in experiencing authentic royal Thai food experience, R-haan might be one of the best there is for you to try. But as everyone should know about Michelin stars restaurants, getting a seat will be pretty hard, so plan your trip accordingly and contact the restaurant for booking details.

  • Service option: Dine in
  • Address: 131 Pai Di Ma Di Klang Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok 10110
  • Price: 2,990THB/ 4 courses, 3,590THB/ 6 courses 
  • Theme: Thai, Fine Dining, Traditional

4. Tomi Omakase

Image from – Tomi Omakase

Just leave it to the chef!

People should be familiar with the term “Omakase” by now in 2022. For those who don’t know, the term “Omakase” can be roughly translated in japanese as “Leave it to me”. So the concept of Omakase restaurant revolves around a course menu of up to 8-10 different dishes, and the selection of the dishes totally depends on the head chef himself. The criteria for different dishes has to do with what ingredient is best for that season, what’s fresh for the day, and what method should be used to achieve the best result. If you are intrigued about the Omakase scene in Thailand, read more about the Top 7 Omakase restaurants in Thailand here!

Image from – Tomi Omakase

Cozy yet luxurious

Once you set your foot into the restaurant, you’ll with a cozy and luxurious design, with light colored wood compliments with subtle lighting all around topped off with a zen stone garden in the middle. All the dining seats are place surround the chef in the middle with a big clear glass with bamboo garden outside, gives you a very homey yet exotic dining experience.

Image from – Tomi Omakase

At Tomi Omakase, you’ll get to experience the most authentic Omakase experience with zero hassle. Just sit down at the bar, order your favorite drink (preferably sake) and the chef will just curate the whole course for you. The concept of Omakase is not just presenting any dish as a main dish, but a continuous series of dishes that’s meticulously thought through. The further you advanced in your course, the tastier the food gets as the initial dishes pave the way for your palette to handle heavier menus. Typically, Omakase course starts with a lighter dishes, white fish sashimi, scallops or sweet shrimps. Then you advance into heavier stuffs like beef or Maguro, pairing with light soup broth along the way to cleanse your palette. Ending everything with a dessert like a fluffy sponge cake and ice-cream to complete the whole experience. The chef would constantly ask for your preference along the way to see what you liked and what you didn’t, then change the menu on the fly to suit your liking. If you are a regular, they’ll even remember what you like and serve your favorite the next time you visit!

Every ingredient here at Tomi Omakase is only the freshest of the day, with everything change every season so you’ll surely eat all things at its best condition. So if you are looking for some good Omakase place in Thailand, Tomi Omakase will surely make you feel like at home while enjoying a succulent sushi meal.

Service option: Dine in, Omakase Meal/ Ala Carte
Address: Le Du 19 99/3 Silom soi7 Silom Bangrak Bangkok BTS : chong nonsi exit 4
Price: Tomi Omakase – 6,500THB  
Theme: Japanese, Sushi, Omakase

5. Ojo Sky Bar – The Standard Hotel

Used to be known as Mahanakorn Sky Bar, Ojo Sky Bar is still one of the highest, if not, the highest sky bar in Bangkok right now. Located at the 75th and 76th floor of Mahanakorn tower, the highest sky-rise in Bangkok, this rooftop bar gives you both pleasure for your palette and your eyes. You can clearly see a 360 degrees view of Bangkok City from this massive height, the view is especially breath-taking at night.

Image from – The Standard Hotel

The highest of Bangkok City

Just one minute elevator ride to the top, you’ll see Bangkok city from the vantage point. King Power Mahanakorn tower is locate in the heart of Sathorn area, lushes with high rise building all around. From here you can see a majestic view of Bangkok city as well as the Chao Phraya river. If the sky is clear, you can even see the further part of Bangkok as well.

The decoration is the combination between an elegant Thai style and a luxurious french nuances. It’s friendly, chic and luxurious all at once. The outside balcony area has a very different style. Namely oasis in the sky, as the name suggest, the whole area is fully decorated with lush plants and trees together with lofty decorations, perfect for an afternoon tea party or even a night out with your friends.

Food for your eyes and palette

Image from – The Standard Hotel

Ojo sky bar might be famous for its majestic location and height, but the food here is exceptional as well. With asian and western fusion theme of dishes for you to indulge in, curated by the head chef Joshua Cameron, with experience from Michelin star restaurant in New York city. Pairing with more 100 of cocktail and wine choices for you to choose from. A breath-taking view, succulent food and wide selection of alcohol drinks, there’s nothing in this world that can make your night this perfect.

Image from – The Standard Hotel

if you are looking for certain rooftop restaurant to hang-out with your friends and families, or even going out on a romantic date, Ojo bar might be the perfect place for you to try.

Service option: Dine in, Ala Carte, Alchohol bar
Address: 114 Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Price: Starting from 600THB
Theme: Rooftop, Fusion, Alcohol Drinks

6. Chef Pom Chinese Cuisine by TODD

Image from – Chef Pom Chinese Cuisine by TODD

Thailand is one of the country that is highly influenced by Chinese culture since there’s a lot of Chinese Immigrant living here. As a matter of fact, most popular dishes in Thailand are partially associated with Chinese culture.

Authentic Chinese food with a twist curated by the ‘iron chef’ himself

Image from – Chef Pom Chinese Cuisine by TODD

As the name suggested, the person who is responsible for the food here is Chef Pom, who is well-known for his popularity from being in the Cooking competition ‘The iron chef’ rise to fame by his knowledge and craftsmanship on Chinese cuisine. Chef Pom Chinese Cuisine by TODD take approach on Chinese cuisine with a chic and modern twist, while keeping the soul and the essence of Chinese food intact.

Few of his signature dishes are pecking ducks, various kinds of dim-sum, crispy pork belly and many more. While keeping the original flavor and essence of the original Chinese cuisine, Chef pom took the liberty to create element of surprise and twist into each and every dish that he made, ensuring freshness and excitement for every course.

If you want to experience delicious Chinese food from a renowned ‘iron chef’ Thailand Chef Pom Chinese Cuisine by TODD is the place you really need to visit

Service option: Dine in, Ala Carte
Address: 114 Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Price: Starting from 500THB
Theme: Fine-dining, Chinese, Fusion

7. Kaijin Omakase

Image from – Kaijinbangkok

Another contender Omakase restaurant like ‘Kaijin’ paves the way for themselves like no one else does. This is a modern Japanese take on Omakase, with one little twist. Every ingredients in the restaurant is locally caught personally by the chef every single week, and they only use Thai seafoods especially local fishes which is something super rare. People might associate Omakase course with red meat fish like Maguro or even white sea bass. But at Kaijin, the taste of Thai gulf is just at your finger tips.

The man and the sea

Image from – Kaijinbangkok

The main concept of Kajin is basically sums up to one simple quote; “Let the sea decide what you eat”. The head chef, Tum; spends 4 days of the week, Monday to Thursday, going out to the sea and naturally catching various kinds of seafoods to be prepared for the restaurant within the weekend. Every fish caught was prepared right on the boat for the utmost freshness and texture using traditional ‘Ike Jime’ method which he learned through his first-hand experience with Japanese fisherman.

Ike jime is a Japanese fish preparation method that paralyses fish and drains the blood out of the fish, preserves the fish’s flavor and texture while also allows the flesh to develop an umami dimension when aged, this method of preserving fish insert a very small wire towards the spine of the fish, paralyzing them in the process, keeping the fish at nearly complete state just like caught fresh

Not only that the chef rest their luck on the sea, but the visitor in the coming weekend also has zero idea what kind of dish is waiting for him, but the good thing is that every course at Kaijin is going to be a new and exciting experience every time.

Kaijin is not just another Omakase Experience, but in a whole new genre of its own. This one of a kind restaurant is the best place for you to get familiar with the taste of Thai ocean. However, due to recent surge of popularity, and limited to only 20 seats per day on weekend, the booking queue can be months before you get to experience this one of a kind Omakase, so plan your trip in advance. For anyone seeking new experiences or just Omakase lover in general, Kaisen is a place you must consider.

Service option: Omakase Course
Address: 114 Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Price: 3,500THB/ seat – 18 menus
Theme: Omakase, Japanese, Thai Fish