Thailand is widely regarded as the best country in the world for many things, ranging from food, culture, beach and of course wellness, spa and massages. So today we would tell you about some of the best spa and massage around Bangkok that would surely help you get rid of that back pain. 

While everyone know that Thai massage is the main program here, there’s a variety of spa and massages that you can explore, Ranging from Japanese style hot bath (Also known as Onsen), Traditional oil massage, hot stone therapy and many more!


Our first stop will be at Yunomori Onsen and Spa, the first true Japanese Onsen right in the middle of Bangkok city. Situated right around Thong Lor area where most Japanese expats live. 

Yunomori combines the old Japanese practice of Onsen bathing with the healing art of Thai massage to produce a new kind of spa treatment.

You can opt for a normal Public Onsen bath house style (Male and Female separated) with variety of water temperature together with steam bath, sauna and cold bath which when take in specific order can gives you certain effects and remedies depends on your needs. Inside the premise lies a quiet garden where you can sit and relax after a hot bath, drinking some milk or even snacks would surely replenish your energy.  

The normal Onsen operates as a day pass, so you can take a bath as much as you want, comes out and rest at the garden then go back again until you leave the premise (Not more than 45 minutes per session since excessive hot bath could exhaust your body).

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Onsen, Spa, Cafe, and Beauty Clinic here will pamper you back to health in no time. 


Considered to be the staple place for all things wellness and spa related, Health land is very popular amongst both Locals and tourist alike. With a plethora of relaxing health and wellness service, you would surely find something that suits your liking. 

Health Land is a place where the art and science of traditional Thai wellness meet in perfect harmony, earning it the name “the land of health and wellness.”  Which provides The best wellness services. 


The whole concept of traditional Thai massage is by applying rhythmic compression to energy lines and spots, as well as deep stretching, to improve circulation throughout the body. The masseuse mostly use hands incorporated with feet, elbow and knee to help with the massage around the body. The session also revolves around body stretching as well and they can get a bit intense for first timer so don’t be afraid to say something and let the masseuse adjust their pressure accordingly. 


Abhyanga is a popular type of traditional Ayurvedic massage that involves using light to medium pressure and warm herbal oil from head to toe. This is comparatively lighter and more relaxing when compared to traditional massage as the oil really helps minimizing the pressure of the massage as well as giving a glide motion more than pressing when compared to the traditional Thai massage. The herbal essential oil also helps with raising body temperature, seeps into the skin for nourishment as well. 


Just like the philosophy of traditional Thai massage, Thai herbal compress focuses on spot pressure compress, but through the uses of  traditional herbal in cotton encased poultices and applied directly to the body. These herbs tends to have therapeutic affect, helps relaxed tense muscles and also good for the skins.


Aromatherapy Massage as the name suggest revolves a lot around the smell of the essential oil use in the massage. This full body massage focuses on applying pressure to muscles and then covering them with fragrant oils to further induce a state of relaxation. The ability of fragrance to evoke memories can be harnessed as a therapeutic aid. There’s also a wide selections of oil you can choose from, each has a different aroma characteristic that focuses on certain things such as relaxation, invigoration, therapy and many more. 


Considered to be the classic Thai and asians massage therapy, Foot massage is based on the notion that the body has constantly flowing energy or “Chi” that connects with reflex spots in the feet and in theory, apply certain rhythmic pressure to these spots can help positive effect to the whole body, relieves stress and tension, improves circulation, and promotes the restoration of the body’s natural state of homeostasis. It is one of the most chill massage of all as you can enjoy playing on your phone, watching movies while feeling the relaxation. 


Authentic Japanese Onsen experience with a plethora of massage and spa treatments right at the hearts of Bangkok city, “Let’s Relax Spa Thonglor” offering relaxing hot baths infused with exquisite minerals imported from Japan’s Gero spring, which work to protect, heal, and renew the body on a cellular level in a continuous cycle. As a result, you’ll have a clean and healthy body and mind. In addition to the traditional hot stone bath, guests can relax in the soothing sauna, steam, or warm Himalayan Hot Stone Bed Baths, or chill out in the refreshing Cool Down Rooms, all day long. On the fifth floor of The Grande Centre Point Hotel in Thonglor.


Located at 12th floor of Gaysorn Tower, right at the center of Bangkok city, PANPURI WELLNESS provides preventive solutions to 21st century wellness concerns confronting urbanites, including authentic onsen therapy, organic spa treatments, organic cuisines, and wellness programs to assist enrich your sleep, manage stress and weariness, and reduce the effects of urban pollution. Guests are treated to a haven of exclusivity and state-of-the-art facilities including a relaxation lounge, female and male lockers, crystal-steam rooms, laconium dry-heat rooms and whirlpools as well as “experience showers“ which combine relaxing acoustics and rejuvenating aromas.

To emphasize the urban theme of the spa, the public Onsen is placed right at the corner of the building equipped with a one way mirror, so you can experience the urban view of Siam and proximity areas while taking a relaxing hot bath for a one of a kind experience. There’s also a private Onsen room if you require more exclusivity as well. 

And there you have it for all the top, up and coming spas in Bangkok for 2022. Each and every single spots has their own niche and distinct characters ,waiting for you to experience for yourself. If you are planning on coming to Thailand and wanted to experience a one of a kind spa and massage relaxation, feel free to leave an inquiries on our email at for your dream vacation experience.