Thailand is undoubtedly one of the best place for shopping and general entertainments. With so many shopping malls scattering around the city, it can get a little overwhelm choosing where to go. 

When asked where is the best shopping mall, they’ll probably went with the safest and newest luxury shopping mall namely the Icon Siam


This beautiful and enormous mega shopping mall is the newest landmark established in Bangkok city. Located right next to the Chao Phraya river, this place is shining glamorously at night inviting people to visit and enjoy a great time here. 

The place is in fact 90 times as big as a football field, not only packed with world-class brand names, but also great restaurants, beauty salons, fitness clubs, indoor floating markets, and art galleries and possibly anything you can think of. 

Icon Siam mall with Apple store in front
Image from: IconSiam

ICONSIAM park most iconic feature is the park’s stunning “mirror-glass art wall.” Which houses over 500 stores and 100 restaurants, in addition to a 3,000-seat auditorium and a premium cinema. There’s also an amusement park. If you want to see everything that IconSiam offers, a day is not nearly enough time.

IconSiam is also adjacent to two high-end residential structures. Both are luxury high-rises, with one being the 70-floors Magnolia Waterfront Residence and the other being the 52-floors The Residences at Mandarin Oriental.


This place also holds the first offical Apple store in Thailand, and the second in Southeast Asia. The shop is unmistakably eye-catching due to its lofty ceiling and floor-to-ceiling glass windows just like the way Apple likes to decorate their shops, inside of which are little trees positioned in various locations. The Apple Store, which successfully incorporates itself into the landscape and exterior of its location, unquestionably contributes to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of this glamorous shopping center.

Image from: Apple


As you may know, Starbucks in considered to be a world-wide coffee shop that people know and love. And that’s no exception in Thailand. In fact, there’s more than 409 branches of Starbucks across the country. 

At the moment, Starbucks Reserved Chao Phraya River Front Iconsiam is the largest Starbucks in Thailand and has a total area of 1,260 square meters, two floors, 270 seats within the shop, and 80 chairs outdoors, for a total of 350 seats capable of receiving more than 350 people at a time! 

Image from: iconsiam

Not only the size that matters, because Starbucks Reserved Chao Phraya River Front is filled with tons of amazing decorations that truly encapsulates coffee drinking cultures in Thailand. This place also serves a specialty blends bring straight from the northern part of Thailand where most coffees are produced, namely Muan Jai Blend. 

The legend of the Chao Phraya River provided the impetus for this offshoot. There’s a boat-shaped balcony up on the second floor. In the store, vintage light fixtures serve as ceiling decor. to simulate the celebratory mood of letting off lanterns on Loy Krathong festival. 

The outside balcony is also available for the customers to take their drinks and enjoy the outdoor scenery of the majestic Chao Phraya river. For non-coffee drinker, the place also offers a plethora of special and refreshing Teavana drinks for you to enjoy as well. 


who would think that you can get an authentic Japanese shopping experience right here in Thailand. Siam Takashimaya is possibly the first place of its king in Thailand where you can go and experience authentic japanese shopping center. This seven stories department stores is filled with variety of imported Japanese products. Ranging from cosmetics, lifestyle goods, men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and many more. 

Image from: iconSiam

While there’s a similar place namely Isetan located in Central World, the sheer size and diversity of incomparable to this place. 

Other than general goods, there’s also a section of this department store, namely Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza, dedicated to the Hokkaido prefecture, compiling famous snacks of food from Hokkaido for all visitors ranging from dairy products, chocolate, authentic Hokkaido soft-serves and many more for you to explore. You shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself spending an entire day exploring the area!


Floating market is undoubtedly the highlights and the stable destination for any travelers visiting in Thailand as it deeply ingrained within the Thai culture. However, there’s not many lying around the city area. However, you can have an authentic floating market within the Sook Siam Indoor floating market here in IconSiam very similar to Indoor Gondola in Singapore’s Marina bay sands shopping mall. 

IconSiam provided a taste of one of Bangkok’s most interesting and distinctive floating market within this shopping center fully air-conditioned. With traditional street foods and souvenirs for you to experience for yourself. 

The purpose of this indoor floating market is to highlight the lively arts and culture of Thailand as well as its delicious cuisine from each of the country’s 77 provinces


For all the 3 stripes fans out there, you are in for a treat because not only IconSiam is the home for some of the most amazing global brands around the world, but this place also has the largest Adidas Originals store in not only Southeast Asia, but the entire Pacific Region.

Adidas Logo

With more than 459 square meters within the 1st floor of IconSiam, you can get you hands on a pair of newest kicks as well as limited editions before anyone else here, or just browsing around the gigantic inventory of this legendary sport brand till your hearts desire. 


Alangkarn, located on the sixth floor of IconSiam, is widely regarded as one of the most visually gorgeous restaurant zones in the entire complex. Given the name The Paradise of Eatery

Image from: Icon Siam

Discover a plethora of culinary experience here on the 6th floor, with more than 16 restaurants serving wide-range of food ranging from fresh seafood, Thai food, Korean, Japanese and many more counting to more than 16 restaurants in total. Whatever style of food you like, you’ll be sure to find something that hits your craving for sure. 

Image from: Icon Siam

Another attractive landmark that should not be missed in the Alangkarn zone is the 15-meter-tall waterfall that was designed and built by Ghesa Water & Art. These are the same designers who were responsible for The ICONIC Multimedia Water Features, which is the longest fountain dance in all of ASEAN. Its enchanting string of water makes one think of the miraculous rains that have always fallen from the heavens and provided food for the Thai people over the course of their long and successful history.


In front of ICONLUXE is where you’ll find the 10,000-square-meter River Park, serves as a community space along the river, open 24 hours a day and invites all guests to come and take in the breathtaking panorama of the Chao Phraya River set against a backdrop of verdant, auspicious trees.

In addition, there is a public pier in the region that also holds the title of having the ASEAN community’s longest fountain. 

Image from: Icon Siam

Icon Siam is unquestionably more than just another shopping center. Just the sheer amount of activities offer here can keep you occupy for days in Thailand. It’ also very close to Asiatique river front. So you can just spend the day at the IconSiam and then hop to Asiatique for bars and nightclub sceneries there as well. So if you are in Thailand looking for some interest place to fill in your trip, IconSiam is considerably a must visit place in Bangkok city.