Siam Square is a famous icon of contemporary fashion and lifestyle, and it is located in the heart of Bangkok on a low-rise shopping street. Loved by both tourist and locals alike, considered to be the most savvy place for cool people to visit. Best place for entertainment, dining, and hotels. in a way that appeals to tourists and locals alike throughout the ages. As such, it serves as the hub for several different flagship stores. Both global and local brands. 

Until recently after the COVID-19 has subside substantially that Siam Square comes back to become the most bustling and lively shopping street in all of Thailand. Including new shops, renovated walking streets, street shows and many more! 

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Within the Siam station area, there are varieties of unique and contrasting things to do in each area. The BTS station is prepared to provide ease of access from Rama I Road on the BTS side, continuing with the Phayathai entry to the inner Siam Square region.

Core Siam Square Soi 7 connects the neighborhood to Walking Street and makes way for the New Frontage to be built along Henri Dunant Road. Jokingly called “Hot Siam” by locals as the area of the street is not air-conditioned, a stark contrast to the “Cold Siam” like in the paragon and such. 

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Walk Street, Siam Square

Creating a more joyous and exciting environment for pedestrians to stroll around in offers unbroken delight while shopping (seamless boundary) by linking all areas, including the event space, to create an environment that is exciting, fulfilling and relatively carefree. 

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Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Siam Square exposes the area on Soi 7, the hub of Walking Street, to a wide range of entertainment activities. 

The walking street becomes alive at night, the street take a huge inspiration from Koreans street like Myeong Dong and Itaewon. You can see a lot of teenagers comes out at night showcasing their musical skills ranging from singing to unorganized group cover dance where practically anyone who knows the song a choreograph can participate. 

Flagship Store

At Siam Square, you may find the flagship locations for many well-known brands, both Thai and global. A one-of-a-kind, exceptional, unusual, and cool item, exclusive to the Siam Square location. SHU, the idea of Fashion Runway & Hangout Café, is adorned with stunning modern design elements and aims to provide clients with a joyful environment in which to try on and otherwise interact with products like shoes. 


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With its gallery-like atmosphere and “Glass House & Fashion Runway Café” vibe, Wearable Art SOS & SENSE is a multi-brands store that collects up to 500 multi-brand brands on the first three floors and the big-brand Zone. The new “Cycle by SOS” section is located on the fourth floor. As a concept, a store that sells gently used apparel and accessories places where purchasing goods is a pleasure. We have the widest variety of products at the Matchbox Multi Brand Store, with over 3,000 items from over 130 different brands.

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Park @ Siam

Park @ Siam is a city park and green space in the center of Bangkok that features a horizontal green area as well as a resting and picnicking place. A number of upcoming events are listed, and for the first time, visitors to Siam Square may experience a 360-degree panorama from the observation deck to the 10-story SKYSCRAPER building. 

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Siam Square One

Siam Square One, also known as the “Urban Shopping Center,” is a business and contemporary social area on the best shopping center in the heart of Siam Square on an area of 8 rai, and it serves as a center and meeting point.

The place is equipped with variety of art, fashion, food, and the Flagship Store of famous brands. ,serves as a location for many different kinds of gatherings. There are many restaurant chains here for you to choose from that comes with a window view towards the Siam Paragon for you to enjoy during your meal. 


And there you have it for all the updates on the new Siam Square and what to do within the area. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Thailand, Siam Square is a must visit place for everyone who loves a good shopping and a good walking street experience.